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Supreme Court decision syllabus (SCOTUS)

RJ Dieken

Decisions of the Supreme Court, summarized by the court itself.Readings of the Supreme Court slip opinion syllabi, With no personal commentary, you can make up your own mind about the decisions. See: Wheaton and Donaldson v. Peters and Grigg, 33 U.S. 591 (1834) and United States v. Detroit Timber & Lumber Co., 200 U.S. 321, 337. Photo by: Davi Kelly---Paypal: App: $RJDieken---Venmo: RJ-Dieken
Thompson v Clark (§1983 Malicious Prosecution)May 15, 2022 Episode artwork Badgerow v Walters (Arbitration Jurisdiction FAA Look through)May 15, 2022 Episode artwork Houston Community College system v Wilson (1a Free Speech)May 14, 2022 Episode artwork Ramirez v Collier (RLUIPA)May 14, 2022 Episode artwork WISCONSIN LEGISLATURE v. WISCONSIN ELECTIONS COMM’N (VRA factors)April 02, 2022 Episode artwork Wooden v US (ACCA “Occasions”)March 07, 2022 Episode artwork FBI v Fazaga (State Secrets v §1806)March 07, 2022 Episode artwork Cameron (Kentucky) v EMW Women’s Health (Appeal procedure)March 07, 2022 Episode artwork US v Tsarnaev (Evidence & Jury selection)March 07, 2022 Episode artwork United States v Zubaydah (State Secrets v §1782 discovery)March 07, 2022 Episode artwork UNICOLORS, INC. v. H&M (Copyright Safharbor)February 25, 2022 Episode artwork HUGHES v. NORTHWESTERN UNIV. (ERISA)January 25, 2022 Episode artwork Hemphill v New York (6a Confrontation -- Rules of evidence)January 21, 2022 Episode artwork Biden v Missouri (HHS Medicare/Medicaid Vaccine Mandate)January 14, 2022 Episode artwork Babcock v Kijakazi (Dual status technician retirement)January 14, 2022 Episode artwork NIFB v OSHA (Vaccine Mandate)January 14, 2022 Episode artwork WHOLE WOMAN’S HEALTH v. JACKSONDecember 10, 2021 Episode artwork MISSISSIPPI v. TENNESSEE (Water)November 22, 2021 Episode artwork CITY OF TAHLEQUAH v. BOND (Qualified Immunity)October 23, 2021 Episode artwork RIVAS-VILLEGAS v. CORTESLUNA (Qualified Immunity).October 23, 2021 Episode artwork AL ASSN. OF REALTORS v. DHHS (Eviction moratorium)August 27, 2021 Episode artwork Brnovich v. DNC (VRA)July 03, 2021 Episode artwork Americans for Prosperity v Bonta (1st Amendment)July 03, 2021 Episode artwork Johnson v Guzman Chavez (Immigration)July 03, 2021 Episode artwork MINERVA v. HOLOGIC (assignor estoppel)July 03, 2021 Episode artwork